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How can I get rid of nettles?


By Alley

i have an allotment and a large area is full of up to the shoulder nettles what is the best way to tackle them to get a decent area to plant or sow grass seed on next year ?



sorry alley but what i have done is chop them down and compost the tops and dig the roots out or chop down rake off and then spray the new growth but that might take a couple of doses all in all keep your chin up and gloves on!

18 Sep, 2007


thanks for the words of encouragement longlad, what shall i spray them with, would round up be the answer ?

19 Sep, 2007


Any systemic weedkiller will do the job. This is absorbed through the leaves and transfers to the roots, killing the whole plant (although it may take a few applications to kill strongly growing plants). Systemic weedkillers do not affect the soil so it is safe to sow or grow things in it once the nettles are gone

19 Sep, 2007


thanks for your help, gonna give it a go !

19 Sep, 2007


Nettles are horrible to cope with, but they are very good for your compost bin! Good luck.

19 Sep, 2007


Or you could use the young tips to make soup or tea! Not that I would , I'm just saying you could ;)

20 Sep, 2007

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