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By Ruff

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

cutting back pampas grass



if it no neer shed or house etc, set it on fire - this will thin out hte old grothe and make hte plant far beter over the next few yeer - best done end of march

13 Mar, 2010


Or just get some thick gloves, arm protection, face protection, strong sheers and dive in!

13 Mar, 2010


Yes - I was always told March was the best time to cut down the pampas grass. Hubby used to do it with goggles on and the hedge trimmer through the bottom of the grass. I have been a bit naughty and planted it in one or two fields where there are no animals but just pleasant walks for people. I did this because the birds seem to love taking the plumes off the pampas gerass for their nests. They seem to like it very much.

13 Mar, 2010


As Derek says, torch it. This is the traditional method and this is the time of year to do it.

13 Mar, 2010


Depends what the rules are where you live though- if I set fire to one in London, the local environmental office would be suing me - I always do it with protective clothing (jacket to keep arms safe) gloves, goggles, pair of shears, a rake and loppers. Hack back the growth as near to the centre as possible, lop off any flowered stems as near to the centre as possible, rake out the middle to get out any debris.

14 Mar, 2010


Plus small animals may be lurking inside

15 Mar, 2010

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