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Name of my plant


By Nikki21

Hi, I bought this plant from ikea, however Ive lost the tag so I have no idea what it is! Can anyone help?




Hello. I bought one from Sainsburys for a pound :) It is a Dracaena marginata. Hope this helps.

19 Sep, 2007


Hi Thanks for that! Ive found out loads now. However, my leaves are drying and curling on the ends, do you no what could cause this? I cant find anything on that! Thanks Again! Nikki

19 Sep, 2007


This plant needs good light (but shade from hot sun) and moderate humidity. It is possible the atmosphere is too dry for it. Try standing the pot in a saucer then top up the saucer with gravel and keep the gravel moist. A gravel mulch on the top of the soil will also help the soil from drying out too quickly

19 Sep, 2007

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