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i protected my dicksonia antartica fern tree with fleece over the winter but it looks dead how can i tell and can i use something to help revive it because it looks awful and i love it i have had it over 5 years and the weather has never affected it this bad before



Don't do anything yet - everything is so far behind this year, and some plants that appear to be dead might not be. I hope yours is one of those, Rockydog, but of course it might have been affected by the very cold weather.

Wait and see, is the answer. Good luck!

13 Mar, 2010


thank you so much for taking time out to give me your advise its appreciated and i will let you know what happens Regards

13 Mar, 2010


I have 3 tree ferns. that are planted in the garden. Im hoping that mine have survived, like yours they have been fine before so just give them time. I have snipped all the old fronds off just to tidy them up.

14 Mar, 2010

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