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By Sprout

winnibago/ illinois, United States Us

I live in northern Illinois USA . I covered my newly planted tulips with straw for the winter and it is now March 14th and they are starting to pop up. When is the best time to remove the straw from on top of them?



Hi Sprout. I used to live over the border from you in Manitoba, then in T.O. Don't know what sort of a winter you have had, UK has had its worst in 31 years but nothing like a true North American job. I reckon you should be pretty safe if the ground has thawed where there is no straw. Tulips are pretty hardy as long as the bulb itself doesn't freeze.

14 Mar, 2010


Thanks----I also planted some strawberry's last summer and covered them with straw .Would it be the same answer with them also ? Can I leave the straw on too long for ether of them ?

14 Mar, 2010


Same answer. You can in theory leave the straw too long but it probably won't do a great deal of harm. They may become forced in the dark under the straw if it is thick but its not a great concern.

14 Mar, 2010

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