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how do i put down a pea gravel path



Clear and level a path make sure its as wide as a mower wheely bin etc. you will need to edge it to maintain its shape and then put down weed retardant membrane then a layer of sand firm this right down before adding the shingle of your choice. Rake back and forth and water it to remove the loose dust. I put 2 layers of membrain and I use the sand to anchor it even if the stones are distuturbed it wont shift and its firmer to move over. You may need to top up once it settles?

14 Mar, 2010


If you can afford to buy extra gravel, my method is to dig a trench about 18 inches deep where the path is going to be and then fill this with 10mm gravel. We have had paths like this for many years; they are completely weed free and have required no maintenance. The soil that you dig out from the trench can be recycled onto other parts of the garden, eg, into raised beds.

15 Mar, 2010

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