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By Hank

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A while ago I was telling an old friend - a newcomer to gardening - about the use of well-rotted horse manure. He rang me recently telling me he'd bought 3 bags off a passing lorry but that it was obviously straight out of a stable, mixed with a small amount of straw.
His problem now is what to do with it. Pile it up somewhere out of sight ? Leave it in the bags ? Or what.
I haven't a clue. Any ideas ?



I'd pile it up in the corner somewhere on a sheet of polythene, cover it over losely with more polythene and leave it for a year. ou can add to it using garden or kitchen waste.
The biggest problem with using fresh horse poo is the amount of undigested weed and grass seed that is in it and will germinate among your veggies or flowers.

15 Dec, 2013


He was thinking of putting it in a spare black plastic dustbin where it might rot down quicker ? No ?

15 Dec, 2013


as long as there are ventilation holes in it the bin or any compost bin will work.

16 Dec, 2013


Thanks guys, I.ll pass your info onto him.

16 Dec, 2013

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