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By Tiddles

Victoria, Australia Au

hi having a lot of trouble with my gardenia going yello the leaves can anyone help me on this tnk u tiddles



Ive only grown Gardenia jasminoides as a houseplant. They need a bright spot out of direct sun and appreciate being sprayed over as they need humidity. I also used to water mine with rain water as they're not a lover of lime.

They do suffer from scale, mealy bug and red spider mite so check for those first.

15 Dec, 2013


then failing any obvious pests give it a dose of epsom salts [magnesium sulphate] as this has trace element magnesium, needed to make the green pigment chlorophyll.

16 Dec, 2013


If the new growth is turning a light greenish yellow, it probably has a micronutrient deficiency--magnesium is just one of many, and a complete, acid-forming fertilizer with micros will probably help it. If the older leaves toward the center of the bush are turning bright chrome yellow, it usually indicates watering or drainage problems.

20 Dec, 2013

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