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I have pruned my plant right down didn't have a clay pot hope this works I'm only new at this !!




I am sure it's going to do so well for you Dave.

Come Spring you can repot.

Mine is in a large glassed pot and sits in vestibule .

It's verĊ· old

17 Dec, 2013


Keep it dry now and personally, i wouldn't repot until it had some top growth otherwise the roots will just be sitting there in damp compost and not using up the water.

17 Dec, 2013


If you haven't got a clay pot just make sure you use an open gritty compost (you can buy small bags of cactus compost) The important thing is that the plant should not spend long at a time in wet compost so it needs to be free draining. The point of a clay pot its that being porous the compost dries out more quickly. These plants grow naturally in arid conditions with only occasional rainfall.

17 Dec, 2013


I agree,it should be fine..and my Jade plant has never been in a Clay pot,and it has been ok over the past 20 years..just potted on occasionally....but the key is the gritty compost,as suggested,and not to overwater..Mine hardly gets any in the winter time,as it spends it in a cold Conservatory ,and it's hot in summer,which is when it spends time outside,and watered on a regular basis..It also stands on an upturned plant saucer ,on gravel in the bottom of a decorative outer planter,so it drains well..and I can manage to lift it out,as it is quite heavy a mini tree,with a few thick trunks similar to the one yours has..good luck Dave..hope this helps...

17 Dec, 2013


... And did you used the cuttings for new plants?

17 Dec, 2013

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