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I have recently constructed raised flower beds around the perimeter of my garden which are 450mm in depth. These are now ready to be filled with a suitable top soil. As I'm not an expert by any means I'm not quite sure what type of top soil or if these should be filled part way with one type and top of with another. At this stage I'm not quite sure what I'm planting in these and I presume this will make a difference on selection.




Yes, it will. You need to decide if you want to plant things that prefer acidic soil such as (most) Heathers, Pieris and so on. You might like to fill one section with ericaceous compost for them.
The other sections could be a mixture of JI 3 and multi-purpose compost for anything else you fancy. Multi-purpose on its own really only has enough nutrients for bedding for one season.

Beware of buying in topsoil - you might get a nasty surprise with it, in the form of weeds. One of our members did exactly that!

22 Dec, 2013

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