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Sowing larger seeds in plastic bag

Hello. A tip I learned from allotment gardener Terry Walton (radio 2, radio Wales et al) is that of sowing larger seeds in compost inside a plastic bag to check germination.

Rather than the hope method of sowing large seeds direct into pots-then the wait and see, what he does is place the seeds into moist compost inside a plastic bag. Give them approx 12 days, tip them out, and see which ones have germinated on. Those that haven't back in.

Simple and works well. So simple I never thought of it, lol!



Not new did that over 40 years ago, And sown seeds on filter paper in petrie dishes to check viability. And in agar jelly and in wall paper paste.

19 Dec, 2013


snap Owdboggy. especially cabbage seeds from 1999. 30% germination but as I only wanted 6 plants it worked for me.

20 Dec, 2013


I use this method for daylily seeds but in slightly damp vermiculite instead of compost and they go in the fridge they can take 8-12 weeks to germinate but over 90% success rate :-)

20 Dec, 2013

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