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I have a NANDINA Heavenly Bamboo in a large Pot, it has grown perfectly
for quite a few years. Sadly, this winter has taken its toll on it. It
is looking sorry for itself, lost a lot of its colourful leaves, and the top is
bare. Does anybody know how i can revive it, or is it time to let it go?
Could i put it into the ground? Would that make any dofference.
Somebody, help me please......



you can put it into the ground if you want - you don't say whether you have 'Firepower' or 'Richmond' . If you have the latter, that one gets pretty big, and may well do better in the ground anyway if its been in a pot for a long time. You can, though, cut out damaged and weak stems and reduce the height to encourage new growth - but wait till end of the month. Perhaps repotting with fresh compost too, and give it a feed of something basic like a handful of Growmore or Miracle Gro general purpose.

16 Mar, 2010


Thanks Bamboo......Such a relief that it can be revived. Are you a bit of a
Connoisseur on Bamboo? Or is it that they are 1 of your favourites.
My bambo is `Firepower......

16 Mar, 2010


Ha ha, no, not an expert, just happened to pick that name, that's all. By the way, Nandina isn't a bamboo at all - it's just commonly known as Sacred Bamboo, but its not even the same genus as bamboo. It's a bit like African lilies (Agapanthus) which aren't bulbs and aren't related to lilies either - those common names certainly cause some confusion.

16 Mar, 2010


Thanks Bamboo for giving me all the gen. on Nandina.......It was really
interesting. I really thought it was 1 of the Bamboo family, just goes to

16 Mar, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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