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Iris Germanica, there seems to be conflicting ad vice as to soil and soil conditions. This packet says 'normal to wet', others say must be on the dry side. I'm confused, please help.

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Iris germanica need well drained soil in full sun, with the rhizome planted so that the leaves do not shade it from the sun. Iris ensata need a moisture retentive soil in full sun. Hence the odd soil requirement info. they use the same packet for every Iris they sell.

17 Mar, 2010


the germanica is the common german flag
it would come under the bearded iris group.
ive got bearded in the garden and they are in full sun on normal to well drained soil.i dont have any problems with mine.

17 Mar, 2010


Thanks both, at least I know where to put them now, even googling gave conflicting answers and I've never grown them before. I do have an ensata to plant in my little bog garden too or possibly on a shelf in pond?:-)

17 Mar, 2010

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