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can you suggest how to stop cats fowling my flower beds! It's driving me bonkers!!! (Roxy's Mum!)



coco shells seem to put the furry animals off as that is what used to happen
in my daugters garden but not now , hope this helps you

17 Mar, 2010


They usually do it more when you've turned the soil over - they don't like prickly branches like holly, etc., so you could try laying these on the ground, otherwise, insert pea sticks close enough together to stop the cat being able to scrape the soil

17 Mar, 2010


try a clove or two of garlic.

17 Mar, 2010


You can't but, if you keep the soil covered rather than bare - whether this be with decorative bark or plants you will deter them. Joxor never heard of the garlic idea - where does it come from?

17 Mar, 2010


Where the ground isn't planted or covered try keeping it wet, they don't like getting their paws wet.

17 Mar, 2010


Ohh! thankyou my Mum will be ever so grateful for the many suggestions! Will try some had heard of the garlic one I must admit Juxor too but it just gets so expensive!

18 Mar, 2010


Let me know if garlic works for you - it certainly didn't for me...

18 Mar, 2010

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