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Just now - the end of December - something has started to eat away at the leaves of my lemon geranium, stored indoors in a bedroom c 55% F. I can't see anything on the plant - not a large plant. I've looked at the tops and undersides of the leaves, and the stem. Any ideas?



There might be something in the soil,if you can't seen anything elsewhere,Gardener..maybe take it out of its pot,wash the soil off the roots,and rinse the foliage as well,then repot in fresh compost. Worth a try,good luck,and welcome to Goy...

26 Dec, 2013


could you have a small slug/snail taking refuge under the pot/sill etc. I 'm always amazed by these slimy critters and their ability to hide.

26 Dec, 2013


That's true - I keep finding little ones in the drainage holes and its surprising how much damage they can do.

26 Dec, 2013


Earlier this month I had something eating away at one of mine. Turned out to be a caterpillar which was folding a leaf in half and hiding in it to feed, a different leaf each day. I spent days unable to find it, then finally I was lounging in the bath, plant on windowsill, sunlight streaming in, and I could see the little blighter in silhouette!

27 Dec, 2013


Worth putting a few slug pellets on the surface of the soil.

29 Dec, 2013

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