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Pachypodium Lamerei
Madagascan Palm
I have read in at least two places that his plant is deciduous and have accepted that when the leaves fall this is a natural process as followed by all deciduous trees, but in my care this does not seem to be the case . Yes the leaves turned black and fell but new ones started to grow from the crown of the plant so I got to thinking about humidity and started into mist spraying the ones that I have. Most of the leaves stayed a healthy green with just the occasional one going black spotted that travelled along the leaf length until it fell off. Can any one tell me if this plant is deciduous or not Thanks for any response.

On plant Pachypodium Lamerei




Hi, yes they are deciduous in the wild, but are usually evergreen in cultivation, just losing a few leaves at a time from the crown, it may take a while, but it will eventually reach 20ft in height, with a spread of about 6 ft, Derek.

27 Dec, 2013


Mine only looses its lower leaves as it grows taller.

27 Dec, 2013


Thanks all. problem solved, feel a lot happier about it now.

28 Dec, 2013

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