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I have two hibiscuses growing in my garden, I would like to prune them what time of the year is best also can I prune it right down as it is too big now plus I want to move one to another part of the garden also was bought as a blue colour and now its pink???

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if you move your hibiscuses it might not flower this year but you can move it just make sure that you feed it every other week for the summer and it should be ok for next year, as for pruning them they don't like being cut to far back , hope this helps you

18 Mar, 2010


Is it the height or spread that's causing a problem? I have successfully reduced the spread of a hibiscus by removing the offending branch completely, using a pruning saw, in winter or very early spring before growth starts

18 Mar, 2010


Thanks for your help :o)

19 Mar, 2010

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