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Butterflies. Just found what I think a hibernating monarch butterfly in a crease of curtain in my (unheated) spareroom. Told my family to leave it well alone. I suspect I can just let it be? What if it wakens and starts to fly about? I love butterflies so just want to do the right thing and give it a welcoming home this winter!



We frequently find hibernating butterflies in folds of curtains etc. keep the room cool so that it doesn't come out of hibernation would be my suggestion and, come spring perhaps leave a little honey or sugar water for it.

28 Dec, 2013


and put an "Exit ---->" sign up!


28 Dec, 2013


Which won't work!

28 Dec, 2013


When you find it flapping desperately against the window in spring, open it! If the butterfly is too silly to find the opening, catch it against the window with a drinking glass and a piece of card and let it go outside.

28 Dec, 2013


Thanks guys. Have told my boys to leave well alone and hope butterfly will stay there till spring.

29 Dec, 2013


With respect, it won't be a monarch. Most likely to be a peacock or red admiral. Smaller, and it'll be small tortoiseshell. Monarch's are American, and I grew up in New Zealand with them, too.

29 Dec, 2013


New Zealand is in America?


30 Dec, 2013 has interesting facts about the four generations of Monarch butterflies throughout the year.

30 Dec, 2013


There wouldn't be Monarchs in New Zealand, either, though they may have a look-alike species, too. Monarchs occasionally get blown to the British Isles on storm systems crossing the Atlantic, but they normally can't reproduce--not enough of their favorite milkweeds.

8 Jan, 2014

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