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By Andrewr

Berkshire, England Eng

Leaf blowers. Can anyone recommend a good model (an electric one) as I'm inundated with leaves this year and fed up spending hours with a rake



cant actually recommend a model, ive got a very old heavy one,it does the job but make sure you get them out of the box and test the weight,they get heavy after a while.mine does have a wheel on the bottom but the angle is all wrong
when you are moving.
the lighter machine the better but worth getting one.
happy shopping.

18 Mar, 2010


I have had my leaf hoover for years so I am not up to date on the latest models but its the weight of them thats is the problem, I have a large one with a big bag and it really does a great job, as long as I close the zip after emptying, takes up all the sawdust too when the tree surgeons been busy.

18 Mar, 2010


I recently bought a Mowerland leaf blower from Tesco ( and am very impressed with it. It picked up leaves and twigs very well and also shredded them down to half the volume. Also the blower function is pretty good. I haven't yet tried it on wet leaves but judging by the reviews on the website, it's very good value for money (half price at the moment) and not too heavy. Hope this helps!

19 Mar, 2010

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