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Vine weevil , my most hated of all evil weevils was found today sauntering up the wall of the room I have been bringing on some begonias, EEEK!
Are there likely to be anymore? Where has it come from ? all the begonias were potted up with fresh compost !



The adult beetles will mean that there are grubs somewhere around. The adults cant fly, but it may of come from your neighbours. The grubs are white 3-10mm. Tip out any over wintered plants to check the soil as they are starting to become active as the weathers warming, They tend to be in pots and a sure sign is when tiped out, there is very littel root in the pot.

18 Mar, 2010


0h no! The evil weevil! I used to grow a lot of Rhododendrons - they seem to love them! Hope your begonias are not decimated! The larvae are easy to spot in the compost as they are a creamy white colour. Good luck! You can buy a vine weevil killing solution to water in if that helps!

18 Mar, 2010


Thanks Nicky and Karen. am going to tip all pots out tomorrow and look for the grubs.

18 Mar, 2010


Happy Days! Eek!

18 Mar, 2010


Use non peat based compost - they adore it!

19 Mar, 2010


Thanks Cammomile - good tip!

19 Mar, 2010


There are not many pests in the garden I hate but I HATE VINEWEEVILS: I had a huge problem with them and could almost hear the adults chomping at my plants! I was told it was because I have a town garden and they love to live in pots. My solution was to buy Provado vineweevil killer and this helped. Having said that, I still get the odd ones but nowhere near the amount I used to have. Urgh, horrible little things!

24 Mar, 2010


Yes Dylandog, that is my problem........ too many pots!
Have done as you suggested and drenched everything with Provado, but I'd like to put money on it that one or two little b-----s will live to chomp another day! Lol.

24 Mar, 2010


Yes, provado, that's what I used on my pots as well! I'm sure it will be successful!

29 Mar, 2010

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