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Lucky Bamboo


By Lomama

Hello All. I have two Lucky Bamboo at home. I had one in my front living room window, and it started to "lighten up". I was told it lost its "greenness" due to direct sunlight. I moved it to the mantle (out of the window), and now it won't grow : ( My other Bamboo has always been in my bedroom (out of sunlight) and it has always been green, but it doesn't grow either. Any tips?



you could try giving it a weak feed - of a nitrogen based fertiliser, any one that's for leafy plants.

5 Oct, 2007


when you say lucky bamboo, is it growing in soil or in water?because lucky bamboo grows in water, and does'nt need any feeding. you get different types, the ones i know are long green stems with little shoots coming out either straight or curly stem and they can also be varigated. when grown in deep water they projuce bright orange roots which are quite attractive in a glass vase. or you can get little clusters of them tyed together in a flat little bowl with sponge in the bottom which needs to be topped up with water every so often, it is thought that 3 stems of lucky bamboo in the corner of the room is suposed to bring good luck - hense the name, weather or not it does i don't know. so the question really is are you sure that it is lucky bamboo because there are lots of other varieties of bamboo that grow in soil, but lucky bamoo originates from ponds and bog land, so is better off just in a clear vase of water. which is topped up every so often but not changed unless it gets really smelly and cloudy, which it should'nt do if you are doing it right. i had mine for ages never changed the water and it did stay clear. but they do not live forever, so if you are doing all of the above they could have just come to the end of there days. but your friend is quite right they do prefer semi shade and they don't like being above a radiator or direct sorce of heat. hope this is useful, kind regards angela.

18 Oct, 2007

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