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How to avoid seed cases 'clinging' to seeds when germinating? I've noticed this year, particularly in using old seed (two or three years old) of aubergine and tomato, that although they still germinate, the seed case remains tightly around the future seed leaves. Many of these refuse to open up and the top of the stem where it enters the seed case then rots off.
Is there any way to prevent this, other than by using fresher seed? Have other GOYers come across this problem. I'm a skinflint and don't like to buy fresh seed every year!



Sorry Bertie, I think you have answered your own question. Other than making sure the seedlings get enough but not to much water?

19 Mar, 2010


I have this problem too! I think it helps to put something abrasive over the seeds like vermiculite. This 'rubs' the seed coat off as it emerges.Also, keep them under plastic to raise the moisture levels. Then the seed case is softer and easier for the seedling to throw off. But it is annoying and the top breaks off if you fiddle with it!!

19 Mar, 2010


it does it with fresh seed too:o(
dont know how to solve it and it happens with seed sown in to the soil.

19 Mar, 2010


That's interesting to know, Seaburngirl. I thought it must just be a problem with the seed coat having dried up too much. But then, nature is highly inefficient and I guess it doesn't matter if a percentage of seeds fail to correctly germinate when a plant produces thousands.
Having thought a little, I'm going to soak my aubergine and pepper seeds (the ones causing the main problem) overnight and see if that makes a difference once I sow them tomorrow morning.
Happy gardening and thanks for your information.

19 Mar, 2010

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