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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

Could some-one please tell me what these seeds are?.....




They look a bit like honesty but i don't know about the fancy bit. :o))

20 Mar, 2010


Lol, Tulsalady, 'fancy bit' indeed! They do look like Honesty seeds, but they're not, because of the lovely frilly helicopter vanes on top. No idea what they are, but they're cute. Sorry Motinot.

20 Mar, 2010


Hi bamboo, Lol aren't they pretty i'm interested to find out myself now.they remind me of liitle fans.

20 Mar, 2010


They look like some kind of Cyprus seed.
I don't know if they are, mind.
I came across something similar/same when I visited "Bald Rock" in North East N.S.W. Australia.
Try growing some and let us see the results.

20 Mar, 2010


Thanks all....I'll do that Stjohntongue.....(hope they grow for me)....

20 Mar, 2010


They are seeds of an Asclepiad more than likely. Don't know which genus exactly as there are many. It could even be Asclepias itself. This group of plants includes things such as Hoya, Stephanotis, Aslepias, as well as stem succulents such as Stapelia, Huernia, Piaranthus etc. The herbaceous genus Asclepias is the most likely candidate if seed was collected outdoors where you are.

They are quite distinctive with the membranous wing around the edge of the seed and the pappus of hairs at the top that aid in their dispersal.

How and where did you get the seed?

20 Mar, 2010


They were in a pod, lying on the ground at a garden centre i visited autumn past....The attendant was with me at the time and said i could have it...he was just a young boy and didnt know what it was.....Thanks for the information Fractal....:>)

21 Mar, 2010


Ok, don't suppose you noticed any plants nearby, climbers such as Draegea (Hardy Hoya), Periploca (Silk Vine) or Araujia (Cruel Vine)? Herbaceous plants such as Asclepias?

21 Mar, 2010


From a pod... not a Cyprus. ;-)

21 Mar, 2010


No Fractal...But the seed does look like Asclepias, maybe 'incarnata'....(swamp milkweed).....I will try to grow them.....Thank you again....:>)

22 Mar, 2010

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