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By Mrbuddy

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i would like to plant some hanging pots that would be humming bird and butterfly friendly, what would you suggest?



For hummingbirds, like all birds, their eyes are particularly attracted to red so tubular red flowers would be good. Cuphea could be a good option here. Lantana (dwarfer types) would be great too and could be used like a Fuchsia alternative as a centrepiece to give a bit of height to the combo and though not really red, their tubular flowers still attract them.

Butterflies prefer flat composite heads to feed from such as memebers of the daisy family so look out for plants such as Sanvitalia and Bidens used in basket plantings though the Lantana is also very attractive to them too.

21 Mar, 2010


Red Petunia's especially the trailing types will also attract Hummers!

21 Mar, 2010

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