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Anyone on here living 'down under?'



Hi and welcome to GoY. We have two members in Australia, but I can't think of anyone else in NZ. You're very are all gardeners, wherever they are in the world. :-)

4 Jan, 2014


hi sritz there is amember in newzealand she post,s a lot of waterfall photos but her name for the moment evades me,maybe with dog lokie

4 Jan, 2014


Hello Ann ... Snoop is right ...

Here's an example of the waterfall photos from Dwyllis in New Zealand ..

Welcome to GoY !

4 Jan, 2014


Bernieh is in Queensland, she also has her own website, pop her name in the searchbar and go from there.
Welcome to Goy.....

4 Jan, 2014


Piersdad was in Nz, I remember him talking of the earthquake but heisn't on much these days

4 Jan, 2014


Well-remembered, Pam ...

4 Jan, 2014

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