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Corydalis seedlings
These are from 'pere david'. I am tempted to lift and separate them. What do you reckon? I dont expect them to come true especially as I have a pretty pink one less than 2m away.
How long before they flower?




Hi Sbg. Not absolutely sure how long before flowering but I suspect they should within a year or two. Nice little crop there!

20 Mar, 2010


Thanks, I reckon there must be at least 30. But should I wait a little longer or do it now as the weather is forecast for rain and I can go in to the greenhouse.

20 Mar, 2010


I would do them now Sbg. Keep them under the staging so not in full sun though.

20 Mar, 2010


they would have no choice as all the surfaces are covered with pots etc. I am really pleased as the parent is under the beech tree in quite deep shade and I thought I had lost it. but I noticed it is poking its nose through this morning.
thanks Fractal

21 Mar, 2010

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