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By Bridghe

County Down, United Kingdom Gb

I planted roses in the same ground that I had removed the old roses. This I was advised was a mistake. They didn't perform well so I have dug then up . I was advised to plant marigolds in the ground to purify it before planting roses again. Is this true and what would you advise



I wouldnt be planting roses in the same place for several years. Unless you change the soil....... not an easy option. many rose disease/pests remain in the soil for many years I am afraid.

welcome to GoY by the way.

22 Mar, 2010


As a professional rose grower for 30+ years there is this notion about disease and stuff in the ground from other roses, whilst true to an extent , armed with the newer modern chemical warfare we have to hand nowadays its not such a problem. However, roses do take an awful lots of goodness from the ground, so to succeed you will need to replenish the nutrients there and also keep well watered as they are thirsty plants too.

22 Mar, 2010


I recommend double-digging the bed, adding 10 cm of well composted cow manure, 1 kg of bone meal per 10 sq. m, and some earthworm castings. Copperas may also be useful if your subsoil is pale colored, or coarse lime if your soil is acid. That should restore the soil flora, and some of the less mobile nutrients.. Let the soil remain fallow for a month before planting anything. Growing French Marigolds in the area will help reduce the nematode population, as will the manure--it conains fungi that eat nematodes. In spring of 2011, have the soil tested again for nutrient levels and pH, and possibly double dig again, adding the recommended nutrients. Then you might be able to plant roses again.

Good luck!

23 Mar, 2010

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