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Are there any cloches suitable to cover a whole raised bed?



What is the size of your raised bed ?

22 Mar, 2010


Hi Pottingmad. My beds are 2x1 metre

22 Mar, 2010


I've not seen any but does not mean they don't exist - try a google search on large cloches.

22 Mar, 2010


Yes there are. I have just been looking at a catalogue from Harrod (no 's') Horticultural [] and they have them, but they are by no means cheap!!!!
I am sure that there are other sources on the web.

22 Mar, 2010


Many thanks for the website I'll have a look

23 Mar, 2010


Hi Everyone. I was thinking about the advice Pottingmad gave to me about making my own cloche to cover my beds. My raised beds are 2x1 metre. I have been looking around and found 'build a balls and some metal tubing.(don't want to use cane sticks as they tend to split). I'm not sure have many balls to buy or how big the tubing should be. vertical tubing comes in 16mm x1.5 m 16mm x 1,5m or 16mm x 2m: The horizontal tubing comes in 12.7mm x 0.5 12.7mm x 1m or 12.7mm x 2m phew anyone got any ideas? The tallest veg I will grow under the cloche is French beans and cabbages

24 Mar, 2010

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