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What is this plant


By Hully

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, My puppy ate part of a leaf from this plant and it has made him ill. I am haveing to take him to the Vet this afternoon and would like to be able to tell them what it is.
I would be very greatful if any one could identify this plant as soon as pos please.

Many thanks




Looks like a sedum. Not sure if its poisionious though as I dont have any books with me.

18 Jun, 2008


Looks like a sedum to me, don't know which type.

Don't know about toxicity for all types, but just looked in Wikipedia & copied:
"Sedum acre ("biting stonecrop") on the other hand contains high quantities of piperidine alkaloids (namely (+)-sedridine, (-)-sedamine, sedinone and isopelletierine) which give it a sharp, peppery and acrid taste and make it somewhat toxic. Depending on the amount consumed, irritations of the mucous membranes, cramps and paralysis, including respiratory paralysis may ensue."

Hope your puppy is ok

18 Jun, 2008


Hi, thanks for the help. I have done a Google image search for Sedum but I am still not sure which one it is.

My puppy is ok, he had some pills from the vet and he is now fine. I have now moved the pots onto the raised flower bed so they are out of reach.

As for what type of Sedum it is, I will have to wait for it to flower and then try to identify it.

Thanks again

20 Jun, 2008

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