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Support for climbers on pergola uprights.

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We have just had a pergola installed over a paio area. The uprights of the pergola are made of 4 inch square pressure treated timber. We wish to clothe the pergola with climbers but are looking for ideas as to how to provide support for them on the uprights.
Any thoughts would be most welcome.



I have put some little eyes in mine 3 at the top 3 in the middle and 3 at the bottom around 3 of the sides, then woven some garden wire through these top to bottom.

Alternatively you could wrap a piece of fine mesh around a post such as small chicke wire or a piece of plastic fence, to aid support.

What ever you do you might see it this year but hopefully not next.

18 Jun, 2008


I have done uprights using twine to match(white, almond, natural brown). Attach the twine at the top, wrap around the upright LOOSELY about every 6 inches. You can tuck the top limbs of the climber under the twine as it grows. Use segments of twine to tie to the original for unruly branches.

18 Jun, 2008


I supported mine with twisty wire quite loosely and if you have a look at my pics you will see that its done quite well

19 Jun, 2008

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