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What's wrong with our Tacca Chantrieri?

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My sister has recently bought 2 T. Chantrieri (Bat Plants - Black) in flower. It appears that the bottom leaves are 'drooping', she is quite concerned as there aren't any specific instructions on how to tend to the plants. Also, do you know of anyone who has had success (in England) in growing Tacca Nivea (White Bat Plant) from bulbs. We have 6 of them between us and to be honest we're so disappointed as they've made no progress at all.

On plant Tacca chantrieri



I bought one of the black bats from a shop on ebay. I planted it in orchid compost and watered it regularly and put a piece of cling film over it to keep it moist. Unfortunately it turned black and soggy. I left it on top of the bookcase, as I couldn't bare to throw it out as it was the first plant I tried to grow since getting a garden. I forgot all about it. Today I wanted to repot a houseplant and thought I would use the pot the Tacca was in - blow me down if it isn't growing!!! It's early days so not holding my breath, but it certainly made my day.

20 Apr, 2009


The best advice i can give you is to try repotting it in a bigger pot...but make sure there is a tray underneath as it likes to be watered from underneath to simulate the dampness off the tropical rainforest as thats where its from!!...too much water can kill it...and spray mist over it in the summer.....As for your white patient thay can take up to 10 months to do anything......just cover with clingfilm....leave somewhere where they can be moist but not wet!!!..hope this helps...trying to grow some of my own...but also running out of patients.....fingers crossed that something happens soon!!

22 Jun, 2010


i just bought the black on in a 6" pot from a nursery in Florida. I live in Illinois and we have very hot humid weather right now. It was 65degrees last night and FINALLY the leaves seem to be perking up... question though..?? The leaves are very yellow almost white in most places and I know this means some kid of deficiency, any suggestions to make leaves green again? Also the bulb is above ground and shooting out more roots which is a good thing I think. It too also has a baby on the side of the bulb. So hopefully there is hope in saving my plant! :) I read where you only transplant in Feb and March... is that still the case? Thanks so much for any answers, I am looking forward to putting much energy into this plant to make it healthy and long lived!

29 Jun, 2010

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