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I have a white hellibore,few years old,increasing in size but flowers are always tight to ground with no stem! No leaves to speak of either but has about a dozen lovely blooms!



Many Hellebores flower with their flowers facing the ground. You can plant them in a raised bed or border to get more out of them, or buy one of the new (expensive!) varieties to get upward-facing flowers. Otherwise - just pick a few flowers and float them in a bowl on your table - that way you can enjoy them without going out in the rain/cold!

23 Mar, 2010


This sounds like a Christmas or Lenten Rose which are very low growing. I agree with Hoya's suggestions - appart from cutting the flowers and floating them in a bowl, I think that this is a horrible practice, ugh!

23 Mar, 2010


My Lenten Roses have stems but face downwards so I have to crawl around for photos. The (new) Christmas Rose has short stems but faces upwards so it's easier. My neighbour's bought last year is flowering literally face down in the soil. Contrary things, aren't they?

24 Mar, 2010

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