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Just before Christmas I treated myself to a lemon plant/tree. Since then it has been growing in its pot on my south-facing lounge window-sill which faces south. I've been feeding it weekly with winter citrus feed. I have another thriving citrus plant (a calamondin), bought at the same time and kept in the same spot. Slowly and gradually, although there has been blossom and there has been and is fruit on the lemon tree, its leaves have been falling and it is now very nearly bare of foliage. Help!



Probably too warm and dry in a house. Try putting it on a bed of damp pebbles or move it to a well-lit bathroom or cooler room. I have a large one that stays in a pot outside all summer then goes in a frost-free greenhouse for the winter. If it's kept indoors it gets riddled with spider mites! They can take a certain amount of cold as long as they don't sit very damp.

23 Mar, 2010

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