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Identification. I live in Valencia, Spain and bought this plant at a car boot last weekend. It looks like a dwarf laburnum and smells absolutely gorgeous. It is around 40cm tall and the woman said it blooms a couple of times a year, but she couldn´t remember its name. Can anyone help please?

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It's Coronilla valentina subs. glauca. I have it in my garden, and it's true - it does flower at least twice! It will grow a bit more, but it doesn't get huge. It tends to 'flop' a bit, so I stake it.

Great find - I love mine!

23 Mar, 2010


Thanks again Spritz, worth 4€ for the smell alone ! Is it part of the laburnum family?

23 Mar, 2010


Yes - both in the same genus!

23 Mar, 2010


Family, not genus :-)

23 Mar, 2010


Ooops! Sorry, sir...senior moment there. :-((

23 Mar, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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