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what is the best evergreen flowering plant to use in a tub please

On plant Skimmia japonica



I'd choose a Pieris, preferably a variegated leafed one that also has good flowers and good red new growth. But you will need to give it a bit of shade.

23 Mar, 2010


Bamboo - the question seems to be about Skimmia japonica.

Guest - these can be grown in containers, but don't forget that they flower in winter and spring, so you'll need something else in with them to maintain interest during the other seasons. There are several available - S.j. 'Rubella' has red flowers that open to pink, and 'Fragrant Cloud' starts with a paler flower which opens to a creamy-pink. That's just two out of many! They will grow in sun or partial shade, and prefer ericacious compost (as does the Pieris!)

23 Mar, 2010


I did notice the reference underneath, but the question seemed to be general - and Skimmia, of course, generally requires male and female clones, so I decided to ignore the Skimmia bit! I wouldn't choose it for a year round evergreen in a tub, that's for sure.

23 Mar, 2010


Nor me - I've had one in my new pot while I waited for my Pieris 'Flaming Silver' to arrive. It's looked great through the winter, but it's going into the soil soon. (When it stops raining!)

23 Mar, 2010

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