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Our Cordyline has a dark brown seeping up the trunk with white bubbly spots oozing out? What should I do? It is about 10years old



Are the spots on the trunk or on the leaves Beatrice? If on the trunk are they only where the dark brown is or are they elsewhere?

24 Mar, 2010


The oozing spots are on the trunk where it has turned dark brown. The trunk in that area is quite soft. The leaves have been badly hit by the snows and are mosty brown and sorry looking.

24 Mar, 2010


I think that your cordyline has frost bite. It has one of the symptoms of Enwinia, a very serious bacterial disease but only one so that is probably not it. You may find that the brown and sorry leaves will look worse as time goes on until eventually the plant appears dead. They do sometimes recover but if the leaves die off completely it can take years before you get new growth. I have lost four cordylines and five palms this winter to the sever frost despite fleecing. I shall just cut the leaves off and wait, but that is the way I garden. I may even get none back, it was a dreadful winter. If you garden just for a 'pretty' look then your only chance of a quick fix is to dig it out and plant new. If it is large then that can be expensive and if you don't want to spend the earth then a smaller one and then time is I am afraid the only answer. Having said that, if it does not die completely, may I suggest that, now the weather is a bit more clement, you just wait. If it shows signs of recovery good. If it dies completely then the above are your only choices.

24 Mar, 2010


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I think we will probably chop it down. Seems a shame but if it is infected it may contaminate surrounding plants. Kind regards Beatrice

24 Mar, 2010

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