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My daughter bought me a beautiful orchid plant for mothers day - stands about 2' high. It has two stems each with 4 flowers on but no instructions on its upkeep! It's in quite a small pot for size of plant and all the roots are all around the base higher than the sides of the pot. Do I keep it in that pot or repot it - do I cut stems at the base when the flowers die, will it flower again and what do I do to keep it or do I bin it?! How often is it to be watered? Do I feed it? So many questions!



I have the same - an orchid for Mother's Day. I have instructions on the pot which says to keep in a cool draught free place and to water only once a week. I've had an orchid before and I believe you just leave the roots alone as they are supposed to grow out of the pot. I'm pretty sure you should not cut it down but you may want to repot it at the end of the year, and I believe you have to get specialist potting material. Maybe the BBC website Gardeners World can help you, but I hope this helps in some way.

24 Mar, 2010


I wrote a blog on Orchid care - you might find it useful. If you click on my 'dog' that will take you to my page. On the right there's a blog archive, and if you click on October 2009, you'll find it - called 'Awkward Orchids'.

You certainly don't need to repot them for a couple of years - they prefer to be in smallish pots. When you do, yes, there's special orchid growing medium available.

24 Mar, 2010



24 Mar, 2010


I have read the blog very interesting. I will leave it on my dining room table about 6' from the window, water it every week or so and will look for food for it at my garden centre. Fingers crossed it survives - I take it it only flowers once a year?

24 Mar, 2010


No - I have one which has flowered for two years without stopping for breath! Others 'sulk' for a couple of months and then produce a new flower stem.

Glad you found the blog useful. :-))

24 Mar, 2010

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