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By Winko8

Wembley, United Kingdom Gb


Hi can any help me???/ My phalaenopsis Orchid? The leaves are yellowing. I only water it once a week, the light level are good, as you can see the blooms are in great condition the temperature is a consistent 18-20c. What could be problem?

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They do lose a leaf occasionally - that's normal, Winko.

I can't see the roots, though - Phalaenopsis produce them over the edge of the pot. You haven't cut them off, have you?

24 Mar, 2010


The root have not bee cut, I'm just concerned that i will lose all of the leaves!!!!! as 3 out of the six leave have started to Yellow.

24 Mar, 2010


Has it got enough light where it is? Also - what temperature is the room?

24 Mar, 2010


How do you water it Winko? Are you leaving the plant standing in water for any length of time? Are you misting regularly. Remember these are epiphytic naturally so they only get water when it rains.

24 Mar, 2010

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