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I Live in London and growing mixed garden but would like to add some tropical look to one of my borders, i absolutely love the look of Colocasia esculenta but unsure of how to care for it, temperature need etc.. any tips anyone ? thanks !

On plant Colocasia esculenta



I just googled this plant...isnt it lovely? called 'black magic' is a super plant...Can grow up to 5ft tall with equal spread..heart shaped black to dusky purple foliage ..nice with silver, or red plants...' .Elephant ear' can also be grown near water as it likes high moisture....Perennial... and can be grown in sun or part shade...Rich, well drained soil and lots of water....Starting tubers off in a green-house, plant tubers 3-5" deep (7-13cm)...Fertilise weekly, re-pot each year if grown in containers, lift the tubers and store over winter...propagate by division....Beautiful...:>)

25 Mar, 2010


Another very tropical looking plant is Ricinus Communis, Zanzi Palm (obtainable from Chilterns) which will grow to 12 feet or more in good conditions (as an annual of course). Very imposing plant which creates very tropical look.

25 Mar, 2010


Also check out Cannas and Gingers - both rhizome/corms, treat similarly to Colocasia (and have a look at Alocasia as well)

25 Mar, 2010


If your local library can get hold of a copy of 'Encyclopaedia of Exotic Plants for Temperate Climates' by Will Giles, you will find this very useful. It was published in 2007 so should be readily available

25 Mar, 2010

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