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Hi everyone.
My crocuses are now all spent - can I replant the blubs in a corner somewhere for next year - or is it better to get rid and buy new ones?

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I leave mine in situ

25 Mar, 2010


I do as Andrew if they are outside in the ground, if in pots reduce watering, let them dry off and take the corms out, store them in a dry place and replant in the autumn.

25 Mar, 2010


Sorry - I should have made it clearer - these are all in shallow pots as I wanted some colour around the patio.

25 Mar, 2010


Then yes put into a corner somewhere try not to disturb the corms so that the fine roots don't break.

25 Mar, 2010


Whilst they are in leaf, feed them every week withliquid tomato feed. After the leavers have died down put them under cover and replant after they have dried out. Give the pots a good soaking in September. Alternatively, let them die down and plant the corms in the garden. Buy new corms for your pots next summer. Certainly, you don't need to get rid of the bulbs.

25 Mar, 2010


Thanks for all the advice.

27 Mar, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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