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I have only lived in this house 2 years but each year the wild garlic increases and is very difficult to get rid of when I go around I pull out the bulbs but it is so time consuming is there a weedkiller that would get rid of it?



Roundup if there is nothing else there you want to keep

26 Mar, 2010


sorry....but you've hit a sore spot.... Why in the world would you dump weedkiller on a useful plant.? Perhaps you could dig it and give the bulbs away? I'm sure there are people here on goY who would take some of it.

26 Mar, 2010


Lori They may well want it but they would be sorry once it takes hold,if anyone wants it come to Norfolk it is everywhere
Moon grower, the trouble with using round up it would kill other plants as it grows everywhere and anywhere

26 Mar, 2010


Lori no way would I give wild garlic a home in my garden. It would take over and turn into the worst of weeds.

Jonshirl put some roundup in a bowl put a disposable latex glove on your hand dip gloved fingers in the bowl and carefully stroke the leaves of the plant you want to get rid of.

In general I am totally again using any form of weedkiller but in this instance think it is the only solution. Otherwise it is dig, dig and dig some more.

26 Mar, 2010


if you put a thin cotton glove on over the rubber glove you can stroke more plants per dip in the weedkiller. more efficient :o)

26 Mar, 2010


Good point SBG

26 Mar, 2010


that came from need, when i was doing the bindweed. most of it gone now over 3 yrs effort though.

26 Mar, 2010


We've got some in a herb box in our garden - you can't beat the taste of wild garlic butter. Sure it will stink in a huge patch though.

26 Mar, 2010

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