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I have a courtyard garden with a new 5 metre long by .5 metre deep raised border against a 2.5 metre stone wall. Its west facing. I'm looking for a planting scheme with plenty of perfume in it and plenty of visual interest for as long as poss. I want climbers and am thinking some sort of climbing rose and jasmine and honeysuckle. I also like the idea of maybe one of those flat fruit trees that grow against a wall. I adore lavender - not sure which to go for, or in what quantity. I also love a bit of drama from the likes of delphiniums. I like plants tumbling over the edge of the front dwarf wall to soften the stone edges. Apart from that, being a totally novice gardener, I have no idea! Any suggestions, including (if you can be bothered) a complete of the peg planting scheme, would be greatly appreciated. The soil is well drained, with plenty of organic matter and in good condition. Thanks very much. Alistair



sounds like you have the perfect spot there. The choice of plants is very personal, but your aspect and soil sounds as if it will support most things. If I were you I would start by planting the climbers and fruit trees ensuring you have the supports for them. Crocus do mini planting plans for different types of gardens and the BBC or RHS also do planting plans. To avoid disappointment research each plants needs and care. good luck

26 Mar, 2010


A blank canvas by the sound of it. I would start at the back and work your way forward. An apple espalier would be a lovely and tasty feature. Perfume from a climbing rose and perhaps a climbing hydragea and clematis. I would suggest some key evergreen shrubs throughout the bed so that there is some interest all the year and also a selection of flowering herbacious plants and herbs. Annuals can be used to fill some of the gaps and add interest especially if you would like trailing plants at the front of the bed. As Mageth says try the RHS website, very worthwhile.

26 Mar, 2010


A word of caution - if its west facing, it won't be the sunniest place in the world, so any plant that requires full sun (such as lavender) won't thrive in that situation. If you visit the RHS site, and there's an option to seek out plants for west facing situations, choose it.

26 Mar, 2010


Lucky you! It seems a similar size and shape to my new strip but I have to start from "scratch". As bamboo says, west facing isn't the sunniest aspect. I'm still not sure how much sun mine will get, so, for this year I've placed climbers in pots - honeysuckle henryi (evergreen) - two clematis and trachelospermum jasminoides. They have all started well. The trachelospermum is evergreen and beautifully scented. It did well last year in part sun so I'm hopeful. I've hedged my bets with some foxgloves and other, lower shade-lovers where it's obviously shaded by other plants. We shall see...

26 Mar, 2010


Thanks very much for your answers - all really helpful! Alistair

27 Mar, 2010

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