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can i cut a bergonia tuber inhalf



yes you can but if you do dust the cut surface with 'sulphur' powder.

26 Mar, 2010


Not as such.You will probably kill it. However, about this time of year the tuber will start to put out shoots. This is only possible with older tubers but you can cut off those shoots with a 'heel and pot them up in some sandy loam. Note that you can't take tuber cutting after tuber cutting. It must be borne in mind that unlike dahlias, they will not produce crop after crop of cuttings. It is rarely possible to sever more than one or two cuttings from a single tuber and, indeed it will not be possible to remove any from the majority of tubers, as enough shoots must be retained to produce a plant. As a general rule this method of propagation is possible only from old tubers which occasionally produce more shoots than are necessary to furnish the plant and by far the most commonly adopted method of propagation is by taking the side shoots from the plant itself. But if you can, it is very reliable.

26 Mar, 2010


Sorry Seaburn. Once again we slightly disagree. Just like old times.

26 Mar, 2010


I wouldnt do it myself Sarraceniac but i have seen the advice given by doctorbob. I would also propagate by a cutting if I had too. nothing wrong in a difference of opinion, otherwise we would still be living in mud huts :o)
nice to have you back too.

26 Mar, 2010


Well. Its just a slight difference, like Bob and you say 'Yes' and the RHS, the Begonia Society and me say 'No'. Why are there no smilies on this forum?

Seriously, it is the old saying 'Ask 5 gardeners for their opinion and you will get 10 different replies'. It may work. I (and the RHS and the Begonia Society) wouldn't risk it. Lets just all grow camelias.

26 Mar, 2010


what a camelia in my chalky soil????? :o)
I do have a nice one and it is the only plant that gets special treatment with an ericaceous feed.

How did your garden fair this winter? I've lost a few things but on the whole ok.

27 Mar, 2010


Terrible winter. Lost at least 3 or 4 palms, 5 cordys, an arundo donax and (sobs out loud) one possibly two tree ferns despite extensive fleecing, plus other things that I don't know about yet. Somebody from Kent on another forum told me that hops are not that hardy. I grow one ornamentally over an arch so I bought some more seed. 2 days after planting them, my existing one started showing shoots. Would be the thing that only costs a couple of quid to replace.

28 Mar, 2010

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