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I would like to grow a climbing plant/shrub in a pot up a wall to disguise a new extension where the bricks are a slightly different colour. The problem is this area only receives the very early morning sun for a couple of hours although it is quite a light space. Preferably I would like it to be colourful and self clinging.



Susie. you might try one of the variegated forms of English Ivy, Variegated Winter Creeper, or possibly climbing Hydrangea.

Add the pot diameter and the depth. Each 33 cm of pot size will give you 1 m of healthy vine. I.e., a 75 cm by 75 cm container wil give you 4 1/2 m of vine in all directions. Remember that self clinging vines will damage your new brick!

27 Mar, 2010


depending on which direction the wall is facing.i have 4 lonicera(honeysuckle)they are doing well,the perfume is lovely if you get delavii varity it is evergreen mine have come through this winter without losing any leaves.the only thing is you will have to provide support ie trellis.hope this helps

27 Mar, 2010

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