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Bloom next year on my Candia Tulip?

Arizona, United States Us

My candia tulips are showing signs of going to sleep for the summer, with nary a bloom this year. I'm not too surprised, since this is their first year, and I read that they need to be well established to bloom. On the other hand, I would like to give them their best chance of blooming next year.

They are planted in sandy soil, in morning sun, with shade starting around 1 pm. While they have leaves, I have been feeding them lightly with a balanced fertilizer once a month--no overt signs of burning or nutrient deficiencies. What more do I need to do to bring out the bloom next year?

On plant Tulipa saxatilis



sadly I 'd say patience Tugbrethil. sounds as if you have done everything possible. Are they planted at the correct depth?

27 Mar, 2010


About 12 cm deep, Seaburngirl.

"Lord give me patience, and give it to me now!" : D

27 Mar, 2010

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