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What to fill raised beds with?


By Alley

got another question i'm afraid! what is the best thing to fill raised beds with? i have bought 6 x 1m beds for my allotment and i suppose i could use soil from the allotment itself but wondering if anyone has any ideas?



For growing veg, unless you intend using them for ones which do not like it, the best filler is a mixture of your soil and well rotted manure. For carrots, parsnips etc, then substitute well made compost for the manure.

23 Sep, 2007


Then keep on mulching your veg/fruit with grass cuttings, compost, leaf mould - even hair (free from hairdressers!) and this will all help build up the soil - and keep the weeds down!

23 Sep, 2007


owdbuggy is right. If you have to take turves off to start stack them for a few months upside down ,wonderful filler.

23 Sep, 2007


I would be careful at filling your beds with just soil from the allottment - weeds would then be introduced along with the soil. Also using compost means that any weeds that come up are easily pulled. Good luck with the raised beds I found they really have worked this year - much easier to grow stuff in soil that hasn't been compacted.

23 Sep, 2007


thank you so much for your help, as a novice allotmentier i have alot of queries and the advice i am receiving from this web site has been so much help! thanks again

24 Sep, 2007

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