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my newzealand cabbage palm has suddenly started to ddrop all its leaves and has a skicky dark substance coming from the bottom of the trunk and creeping upwards. could you help me please as to what to do thank you. Barbara

On plant Cordyline australis



Hi Barbara. The most common question on here this year!

All you can do I am afraid is wait until perhaps June or later and see if there is any re-growth from the base. If the stems a rotten (oozing liquid), you could cut them back to sound fibrous tissue even if this means taking the stem back to almost ground level.

27 Mar, 2010


Hi Barbara
If you tug gently on the centre part where it grows from is it firm, or does it pull off ?
If it pulls out then the main stem is likely to be dead but as Fractal say's it may regrow from the base in a month or two if your lucky .
My one in the garden did and it had 5 pups that are doing very well..

30 Mar, 2010


Thank you both very much. I did take the trunk down to almost ground level and sure enough it sprouted 4 new growths, but sadly this winter they all rotted . so sorry I have only just got back to you regards Barbara

22 Apr, 2011


No worries
i have lost nearly all mine this winter so back to the gc for new ones :o(((

23 Apr, 2011

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