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we have a large cupreeus marcrocarpa hedge that i would like to train to grow over our entrance gate to form am arch any ideas please



Cupressus macrocarpa? If so, remember to prune branches back to side branches, avoiding disturbing the growing tips as much as possible--tips turn brown if cut. Also thin out as much as you head back. since making it too dense will increase its susceptibility to coryneum canker. The young branches are flexible, and can be held in place with an old bonsai technique: gently wrap heavy guage copper or aluminum wire--about 1/3 the diameter of the branch you are bending--in a spiral around the branch, not to tight, and bend it into position. Check frequently to make sure the wire isn't cutting into the bark as it grows, and remove it as soon as the branch will stay in position (6-18 months). Sometimes it is simpler to put in a heavy steel wire arched framework--not too conspicuous once rusted--and tie it to it with stretchy plastic ties.

27 Mar, 2010

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