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esiste una pianta patio salix iona? io ho questa pianta si kiama cosi'?

On plant Salix



Ciao, ospite e benvenuto al GOY. Il Salix Iona è una forma di repens del Salix che è una crescita bassa, pianta della copertura al suolo. Non si svilupperà molto alto ma si spargerà intorno. Non lo avrei pensato molto adatto a pianta del contenitore su un patio. Inoltre gradice un humus terreno ricco ed umido per svilupparsi dentro.

27 Mar, 2010


Well Bulbaholic, that's easy for you to say...:o)

27 Mar, 2010


he remembered to use babelfish!

27 Mar, 2010


Browsing through the questions and Googled babelfish, the wonders of the web never cease to impress me !
Mg - hope you feel better soon. : o )

27 Mar, 2010


Guest was asking if Salix 'Iona' was suitable for a container on a patio.
I advised that this is a form of Salix repens which is a spreading, groundcover shrub and, therefore, probably not suitable for container growing.
I am disapointed that Mg told my little secret. ;-).xxx

27 Mar, 2010


Ha ha ha ! You thought you could get away with being multi-lingual !

27 Mar, 2010


No chance of your showing off as multi-lingual with me around - now if it had been two large beers you could have asked in lots of languages. I find babelfish useful as a basic translator.

27 Mar, 2010


Moon grower, I'll have to check out babelfish. I speak a miniscule amount of Spanish, and my attempts to use other translating systems have turned out somewhat ludicrous. Trash can = basura puede? Not!!

27 Mar, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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