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Hi everyone! I am a newby to this site and also to gardening!! I need help finding the best plant for my needs. Here goes.......
I am looking for an evergreen climber to grow over a 6ft tall and 6ft wide archway in my garden. Preferably flowering in spring/summer and obviously staying green all winter. It also needs to be child friendly as I have 3 so definitely NO berries. Finally if it could also be a quick or vigorous (is that the same thing?) grower then that would be great too.



hi welcome to g-o-y i have a honeysuckle that is evergreen ( even this winter )and vigorous i think it is called halls prolific, flowers may/june i`m sure someone will come up with other ideas

27 Mar, 2010


There are evergreen clematis that start to flower around now. Clematis cirrhosa is one i have in my garden. Then you could have others that flower at different times of the year.
I have 2 children, now in their teens and I found that once told that the berries would make them sick they left them alone. I also said they had to show me what they wanted to tr to eat first. This worked from them being 2 years old.

27 Mar, 2010

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